Friday, August 24, 2012

Chaos is my new Normal!?!

"Did you get your run in today?"
It was a simple enough question and certainly was not meant to offend or cause any other type of negative feeling...let alone provoke a negative reaction.  However, at that particular moment in time, as I turned to face my inquisitive husband, I felt my face distort and my voice lower two octaves as I responded...
"No, I didn't get my run in."

My somewhat normal life has recently become anything but.  I am not quite sure when exactly it happened; actually, scratch that.  I definitely know when it happened.  We saved a pound puppy.  School started. Football season hit full force.  Vacation ended and life resumed.  Good gracious did it ever.
It all began with Charlie...our pound puppy.  After the very sad loss of our dearest Scrappy, we decided after Mike returned from deployment we would look for another pup.  Yes, we already have two pups and a lizard, but with a family our size, we have a lot of love to give.  Bless her heart she is the sweetest baby girl ever!  But of course, we need to get her fixed ASAP.  We proceeded with the surgery.  What should have been a relatively short recovery period has turned into weeks!  This little girl somehow, despite all efforts, cannot keep her stitches in.  It has been so stressful, sad and difficult to keep her calm, kenneled and away from our other pups.  Checking her boo boos has become a ritual.  Sigh...thankfully due to all the blood, sweat and tears put into her full recovery, I do believe we have just about conquered this one!

 Then came the much anticipated school year!  Although most of us tend to have pretty strong immune system, some type of something crept into our home.  Ethan has a mysterious sore throat that won't go away.  He's had it for over two weeks and no he doesn't have strep.  The doctor has put him on several medication to try and "trouble shoot" the problem.  Christian is having trouble with his hearing again.  We had tubes put in some years back and it seems the problem has returned.  Before we go down that long road, which is made longer with Tricare, we are trying a lengthy amount of medicines to see if anything will help.  The little girls have managed to come down with a cold that has manifested itself in their chest and has caused a cough that has been keeping them up at night for over a week.  I feel like I have newborns in the house again.  Addeline somehow managed to get pinkeye and Kaitlyn has an infection.  Oh, and we can't forget the sinus infections that both Mike and myself managed to obtain.  Among all the germs that seem to floating about, one Roy remains to be standing tall...Victoria!  Woot!  Woot!
Every where I look people are getting geared up for football.  Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love the sport!  What makes it even better, is the great sense of pride I feel watching my boys all geared up ready to do some juking and jiving out there on the field!  However, I would be I liar if I didn't admit to the mass chaos that occurs in my home Monday's, Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's.  Holy moly!  "Is your homework finished?  Are you dressed!  Don't forget your mouthpiece!  What about your water?  Your Dad's going to be here in 5 minutes!"  Mind you, my children are great about getting their things done, but sometimes time slips away from them...especially my little Christian.  He's just getting used to the routine,  as this is his FIRST year playing tackle football.  Oh, he looks so cute in all his gear!  I know...I know...I should say "tough".    

How I need a day where I'm not applying ointment, administering eye drops, distributing medications, checking stitches and shouting out reminders.  Thankfully, none of the above will last forever.

Oh yeah, is there really any wonder why on that particular day I didn't get my run in?
I was just grateful I had gotten dinner ready.
All joking aside...I am SO blessed!

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