Monday, January 13, 2014

It Took Me 13 Days To Realize.

As I headed out the door for church yesterday morning there were several things that came to my attention:

My leggings were a bit too snug around my waist. -Ugh
My black coat had dog hair on it. -Classy
My face, that is a bit dry from the cooler temperatures is going out in public "naked" as I could not     find my moisturizing concealer. -Lovely
After I did finally make it to church, late, I had to practically use one leg to keep the useless poop from falling out and littering the parking lot. -Beautiful
Really?  Really?  Yes, really.  It was truly a remarkable start to my morning.
This year, I somewhat turned up my nose at the idea of New Year resolutions.  They seem, to me, to all be nonsense.  After all, shouldn't we constantly be striving to better ourselves?  Shouldn't we always be setting new goals and refocusing ourselves year round?  And besides, aren't they usually all pretty much the same; lose weight, be more organized, manage my time better, exercise more.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I have just remedied the problems I was facing just yesterday.  Bless my heart.
I must confess that I am now feeling a tad foolish and a bit like the Grinch on Christmas morning after he realizes it's not the presents/ornaments/food that makes the season what it is, it's the meaning.  Ahhh, January 1st may be the most popular day of the year to set new goals, but it's not just about it being the New Year.  It's about creating a new beginning; it is the intent behind them...our hopes and, dare I be dramatic, our dreams.
Although I may sound as though I am poking fun, I am actually gaining more perspective.  There are some change and improvements that need to be made in my life.  I am afraid, I have veered off course and more often used the excuse, "I can either do ____ or I can do ____, but I simply cannot do everything."  Side Note:  I must be sure and thankfully add that I am usually saying those words to myself, as Mike is supportive in many things I do.  Even when it comes to me not cooking dinner for our family because I am busy baking dozens of goodies for our kiddos parties OR clipping 100's of coupons because I am going to save us SOOO much money!
So, here it is January 13th and I realize the tradition of the New Year resolutions may not be so bad after all.  The 1st is just a perfect date to push the "refresh" button and/or "reboot" entirely.  For me, here they are:
Run 6 races this year.  The distances are yet to be determined.  I have a great many hurdles to cross before that decision is made.
Get in better shape.  In the process of my love/hate relationship with running I'm afraid I have put on a few extra lbs.  It's about time to get over the relationship woes and shed the winter coat.
I need to manage my time better.  Honestly, I would rather not feel like taking a zanex every morning after getting home from taking my kiddos to school.  I'm quite sure the teachers are tired of hearing my tires screech as I come whipping around the corner with :32 seconds until the tardy bell rings.
Be more organized.  Actually though, there is a positive to add here.  When it comes to signed papers, lunches and homework...I do pretty well.  However, if you open the wrong cabinet or closet door, you are in for an ugly surprise.
And with that, here's to the next 352 days of the year!!!


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